RWC Inspection


We are a Licensed by Vicroads to carry out Victorian Motor Vehicle Roadworthy Inspections.


We will inspect to the highest quality  from your front headlights to the rear taillights.

If you choose to book for an inspection while you wait, there is a comfortable cafe close by within easy walking distance, where you can enjoy fresh food and beverages, with Free Wi-Fi.


What is a Vic Roads Certificate of Roadworthiness?

In Victoria a Certificate of Roadworthiness is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered. This helps minimise the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road.


In some cases a Certificate of Roadworthiness is also required to clear a Vehicle Defect Notice or a Notice of Un-roadworthiness



What is inspected?
The inspection is a check of the vehicle to ensure that key components have not worn or deteriorated and that the vehicle is safe for normal road use.

A roadworthy inspection mainly covers the major safety related items, including:

  • wheels and tyres
  • steering, suspension and braking systems
  • seats and seat belts
  • lamps and reflectors
  • windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers
  • the structure of the vehicle itself
  • other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

A roadworthy inspection is not a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of the vehicle. If you require a more comprehensive check on the overall condition of a vehicle then you can talk to us about our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections.




For more detailed information about Vehicle Roadworthy Inspections please check the VicRoads Website.